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Of concern to many women is the problem of unwanted cellulite, that cottage cheese or orange peel appearance of the skin, and the possible remedy of anti cellulite shorts.

There are many thoughts about what causes the appearance of cellulite. Experts have also thought of many possible ways to combat this unsightly development in one’s appearance.

Get rid of Cellulite
Anti Cellulite Shorts

If you are one of the many women who struggle with the onset, or are just concerned about the possibility, of cellulite, then this article should serve as a reference to what can be done about this problem.

This article will examine what cellulite is, what may prevent the formation of cellulite, and how anti cellulite shorts can provide assistance in this matter.

After reading, the reader should have a thorough background of information to make an informed decision about how to proceed.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is the appearance of cottage cheese or orange peel type skin that usually affects the lower abdomen, legs and buttocks.

The orange peel most often affects women, but it is found in men under certain circumstances, such as in the case of androgen deficiency.

The Dimpled skin is perceived as a fat related problem, but that is somewhat inaccurate. Cellulite is the appearance of subcutaneous fat, presenting with the aforementioned appearance.

A contributor to the formation of cellulite is the underlying break down of the connective tissue, most often associated with poor or reduced circulation to the area.

Along with the possible causes are possible remedies, such as creams and the use of anti cellulite shorts, which will be discussed.

Diet, Exercises and Creams

Due to the nature of cellulite formation, primarily due to loss of elasticity of the skin and underlying connective tissues, it is believed that a proper diet and regimen of exercise is of a good amount of benefit.

Diet would include fresh fruits and vegetables to assist in the removal of toxins, and exercise assists in the promotion of good circulation.

There are two types of creams or lotions available. Both are applied topically; however, one type targets the skin surface, claiming to smooth it.

The other type targets the underlying connective tissues, and this type seems to have better results.

Another option is the wearing of anti cellulite shorts. These anti cellulite shorts target different aspects of cellulite.

Anti Cellulite Shorts

Anti cellulite shorts are worn much as any other shorts are worn. They can be worn anytime, and there is no restriction to the amount of time that they should be worn.

The shorts work on both smoothing the skin and promoting better blood flow.

This is a similar effect to applying both types of creams, but the improvements may be longer lasting with anti cellulite shorts, since they can be put on and left on, without the need to reapply.

As seen, there are different schools of thought concerning cellulite and ways to improve the effects of it.

Recommendations are to maintain proper nutrition and exercise, not only for the promotion of overall health, but to specifically combat cellulite.

Also, using the lotions available, together with anti cellulite shorts will maximize positive results.

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